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"Thank you for making the book launch a success! Your support and encouragement mean the world.”

-Lucinda JP

About Lucinda JP:

Lucinda Jackson Patterson, a wife and mother of three. I’ve always wanted to be an author but the commitment came after the passing of my oldest son to suicide. I knew I could no longer prolong writing.

It was time to share my story while healing and helping others heal.

Speaking Of Love Podcast - Episode 128 - Lucinda Jackson Patterson

Upcoming Events

Grosse Pointe North High School is hosting the Annual Suicide Prevention Walk & Mental Health Fair on Sunday, May 21 from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm.

The purpose of the Annual Suicide Prevention Walk & Mental Health Fair is to show community-wide support to those affected by suicide and to bring awareness to a wide variety of mental health resources available in our area.

The event will kick-off with remarks by NAMI-Detroit Executive Director Kevin Fischer and will include vendors dedicated to mental health and wellness. The approximately 1.5-mile walk will begin immediately following Mr. Fischer’s address. Vendors will be located in a tented area in front of the high school and available for the duration of the 2-hour event.

Everyone is welcome, including your friendly, leashed dogs. Participation is free and registration is not necessary. Donations are greatly appreciated and all proceeds will go to Kevin’s Song.

Recap Photos From Grosse Pointe North High School, hosting the Annual Suicide Prevention Walk & Mental Health Fair!

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Not all stories begin with once upon a time.

-Author, Lucinda JP

"A mother's love is often considered the strongest and most selfless form of love. It is the unconditional affection and care that a mother gives to her child, from birth and throughout their life. It is an unbreakable bond that is full of nurturing, support, and sacrifice."

Despite the pain she is feeling, she is using her writing, her story as a tool to help process her feelings and find a way forward. Through her work, she will be sharing her experiences with others who have gone through similar losses, and offering hope and inspiration to those who may be struggling with their own grief.

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